ASO Weather

The ASO weather report is showing turbulence in the Google Play App-Store rankings over the past 30 days. The higher the value, the more Google Play rankings have changed. ASO weather is based on the top 100 ranking changes of ~600 most popular google play keywords in English language. The Google Play ranking data is fetched from a German server. The ranking report will be generated every day and is available for free. The chart is always scaled by a dynamic scale factor to normalize the values between 0 and 100. So the day with the most changes in the Google Play App-Store rankings over the past 30 days will always be shown as 100 even if there is only on minor change in the ASO rankings.

If you need a Google Play App-Store ranking chart for a specific set of keywords, you can contact me ( jentsch.michael[at] ).

Upadate:We have worked a lot on the goole play ranking chart and we decided to change the algorithm a litle bit to get much better results. Now the values are always between 0 and 100 like before, but the mapping between raw values and resluts is not linear but mor like like the following image.

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